Please read before inquiring:
*Payment with USD, thru Paypal email. I will ask for payment before starting. I will start right away with a sketch and ask for your approval to continue.
*PM me (on twitter or deviantart) or Email me (citoniensis[@]gmail.com) and I will get to you as soon as I can.
*I don't accept refunds, sorry. Only in special circumstances where I am not able to complete your commission for any reason.
*I have a right to decline a commission for any reason.
*If the artwork is commissioned, it belongs to the commissioner. Only the commissioner is allowed to repost the artwork, with or without credit. The commissioner is not allowed to use artwork or adoptables for commercial works.


How to inquire:
1. Tell me which style you want.
2. Show me references of the character(s) you want me to draw. Link your toyhouse too, if you have one!
3. (Optional) Description for posing or expression, or anything else.


I will draw:
Animals (More used to drawing cetaceans and most sea life. But really I can draw anything when using reference lol.)
Suggestive themes & NSFW ( Must be 18+. Don't hesitate to ask for examples! I can draw many things.)
Mild Gore/Horror (I am not very experienced in this.)
Ask about anything else you're unsure about.



Details: You will get a fullbody, flatcolor drawing accompanied with a simple chibi.

Use this form!
* means required

Artstyle*: (Style 1 or Style 2)
Species*: (humanoid or anthro)
Appearance*: (femme, masc, andro)
Theme(s)/Aesthetic(s)*: (Give me a theme or aesthetic they should be based off of, you may describe this with images!)
Colors: (Does not have to be precise unless you'd like.)
Misc: (Anything else you'd like to add)

[Style 1]
Halfbody: 15$
Fullbody: 20$

Details: A drawing of your character with rounded and chibi-like features, fully shaded.
Additional characters are 6$.

(The drawings with chibis show how customs would look like.)

[Style 2]
Halfbody: 18$
Fullbody: 25$

Details: A drawing of your character with sharp features and thick lineart, fully shaded.
Additional characters are 10$.

[Style 3]
Halfbody(portrait style): 10$
Fullbody: 18$

Details: A digital painting of your character in a chibi style, fully shaded.
With a background is an additional 10$.
Additional characters are also 10$.